Life transitions
are periods in life
involving lots of change

Life transitions might be a result of important events that make you stop and evaluate your life, or they may be more gradual and require you to do things differently.

family issues stress

Life changes

can run smoothly but people often struggle and find these periods of life stressful, disorientating and impacting on their sense of well-being and fulfilment.






may find it difficult to adjust to the start or end of a relationship, to becoming a parent, to leaving university, changing jobs or to retiring. 

may feel overwhelmed by illness or by the loss of someone in your life.

may become disoriented when you reach an age which is significant to you or when you notice changes in your body, like symptoms of menopause.

Relationships also experience change over time. Managing the start of a family, parenting together, having concerns about fertility, experiencing loss, grief, stress, or developing a sense of dependency and the building up of resentment can all feature in the life span of a relationship.


Therapy can

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create a space for you to reflect on your feelings about and experiences of change.

help to uncover how your needs and requirements change over time and what you can do to meet them.

support you in evaluating and questioning how your understanding of yourself may no longer fit with your situation so you can cope better with change and find ways to move forward.


“Over my years of practice as therapist I have come to deeply respect people’s inherent resilience and their capacity to develop and change. The creative ways people use to cope, often without knowing, are inspiring.”