Feeling connectedness, belonging and support are important indicators of our happiness. Strong relationships increase our sense of wellbeing .

Relationships are complex and relationship therapy is not restricted to couples. MyTherapy welcomes anyone who struggles with establishing, maintaining, or ending an important relationship.


Relating and relationships matter

whether you are an individual, a couple or whether you have an important relationship with someone who means a lot to you.

  • Couples in marriage, civil partnership, partners
  • Co-parents
  • Individuals
  • People living together or apart


People in meaningful relationships can feel stuck in unhelpful interactions and patterns and therapy will focus on getting unstuck.

In therapy you can consider ways to


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navigate your way through conflict and to establish good communication.

menopause MyTherapy

 manage life changes, like the start of a family, parenting together or concerns about fertility, loss, grief, stress, dependency, and resentment.

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address differences, external pressures, or a lack of trust or intimacy when you struggle to rebuild your relationship following infidelity and betrayal and seek to separate or divorce.

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“In therapy with relationships, you are encouraged to become more insightful, creative, and playful in your interactions with each other. Partners can (re-) discover vision and purpose for their journey forward, together or apart.”


Finding a relationship which works can be just as difficult as handling a break-up, a separation or divorce. Relationship therapy with individuals focuses on your wellbeing.

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may find it difficult to trust others, are pained, confused, angry or sad about a break-up or feel alone and wonder about meeting someone to love.

lack of confidence MyTherapy

may struggle to align external expectations with how you wish to relate, leading to a lack of confidence, anxiety, or depression.

Therapy offers space for you to understand yourself better and to feel more certain about who you are and how you wish to relate at this point on your life journey.